Lifestyle Photographer


Hey, hi, hello!

My name is Anne and I am a Lifestyle Photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. 

Being in front of a camera can be awkward and embarrassing, I get it. You have a story and a unique edge to your personality, and it’s not possible to capture any of this without first feeling comfortable enough to be yourself in front of a camera.  It’s my job to make you feel at ease with the promise that your essence will be captured and portrayed in the most genuine way possible. As your photographer, the most important part of the process is learning about you and what you want. And as my client, it’s your job to just trust me!

Our session will feel like you’re catching up with a friend. We will talk, we will laugh through any awkwardness, and you will leave the short journey we shared together with warm and candid images that truly portray you – your essence, your story, your love.

I have a weird obsession with personality tests, so I will share that I am an ENFP-T. As a Turbulent Campaigner, I am cheerful, supportive, and energetic. I am also highly emotional (maybe should not have shared this here – you will find that I often overshare). When I’m not bending over backwards with my camera, I am bending over backwards in the lab at UBC. I also like to run ridiculously long distances, take romantic walks to the ice cream shop, and remind myself how inflexible I am at yoga classes. Say hello and tell me what kind of images you want me to capture for you! 



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