The fear of putting myself out there

Isn’t it strange how most of us fear the judgement of others? I have never been this active at promoting myself, but here I am trying to post on Instagram everyday and advertising for myself so that I can gain exposure among my friends. As a photographer, I love shooting people (just to clarify – take photos of people) and my intention behind letting everyone know about what I do is to get more opportunities to practice what I love doing. But as I advertise myself, wild thoughts rush through my head like, What if I come across as narcissistic? What if people think I’m trying to sell them something?  What if they don’t like my work? What if they think I suck? The list goes on and on. 

I have to remind myself time and time again that everyone else is likely worrying about similar things. Chances are, people will take one second to look at what I’m promoting and move on with their lives, no significant thoughts about me going through their head. So I have to get over this and continue promoting! I am really really excited about all things photography and I shouldn’t shy away because of my fear over something so trivial. 

And so the posts will keep coming and I will fill your feed with my photos. Stay tuned, friends!

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