What photography means to me

If you’re relatively close to me, you’ll know that I have the fleeting memory of a goldfish. I can never remember birthdays, I will always forget what was said at the meeting last week, and I will most definitely ask you to tell me your name again after minutes, or even hours of conversation if we’ve only just met today. 

I have a hard time recalling facts. But emotions? Put a picture of myself in front of me and I will effortlessly rattle off  what I was experiencing that day and what I was feeling at the exact moment the photo was taken. This is one of the reasons why all my photographs are absolutely priceless to me, each one representing a memory that I am able to easily access when the years go by and fade into a big blur of memories. And this is why photography means so much to me.

Imagine if we could put snippets of time inside our pockets and just hang onto them. Imagine if we could pull it out when we want to experience it again and safely tuck it away until we next need it most. This is photography to me – choosing a single moment in time and all the emotions that come along with it, and telling it, “Hey, you stir my emotions and I want to remember you.” That’s why when I am behind the lens, I try to connect with the person in front of me to feel what it is they’re feeling. I don’t mind bending backwards and forwards and lying flat on the ground so long as I can capture the candid moments between the poses and the genuine emotion that is on their heart.  

As Greek Philosopher Heraclitus once said:

“The only constant is change.”

Time flies by with no possibility of anyone controlling it. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and emotional at how fast life is passing by. Photography makes me feel like just for a second I can slow down time, just for a second I can stop everything around me from changing.



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